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Andre Joureau (owner, director and head coach in TennisLab)

Faculty of Sport Sciences in Zagreb
Croatian Olympic Academy – B licence
I speak four languages ( ENGLISH, GERMAN, ITALIAN AND FRANCH )

Player experience:
National player of the ex. Yugoslavia in all categories U12, U14, U16, U18,  Federal League 2 Croatia, Landes A League Austria, ETA U14, EU tournament in U16 categories, ITF U18

Work experience:
1999 private coach of Daniela Poglitsch 111 ITF, Weiz
1999 tour coach of Saša Tuksar 16 ITF, Weiz
2002 to 2004 private coach of Ivor Miškulin U18 Nr.2 Croatia
Tour  menager of Marko Vukelić  ATP, (AUSTRIA ITN 2.2) PL. 1 ASKO TV WEIZ from 2008 to 2012.
2000 – 2002 private coach of  Marko Kozina Nr.5 Croatia U18
2001 – 2006 private coach of Tea Vrbančić Nr.5 U18, Bundes League Germany U16 ( TC Ebingen ), Wunterberger Leauge Deutschland
2009-2013 private coach of Franko Šiljeg  95 ETA, U16 Nr. 3 HTS, U18, ITF winner in double with Patrik Vidak in double Podgorica ITF

GPTCA Member

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Ivan Rihtar


Bachelor’s Degree - Faculty of economics and business / University of Zagreb

Master’s Degree - Faculty of economics and business / University of Zagreb (Analysis and business planning)


Player experience:

National player in all Croatian categories (U12, U14, U16, U18), ETA (U14, U16), Second Croatian National tennis league.


Coach experience:

Hitting partner with players in Croatian U14, U16, U18 selection.

GPTCA Member


Personal goal:

To teach beginners and kids how to play tennis and how to enjoy the game, and for competitors and talented tennis players goal is to teach them to think on their own in tournaments and tennis matches.

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Marko Vukelić


Croatian national champion U16, U18 and senior champion
ATP carrier 1998 - 2001
Croatian national league 1, player for TK Ponikve 2001 - 2006
Landes A league Austria player for ASKO TV WEIZ 2009 - 2012
Hitting partner in Brad Gilbert academy, Boca Raton academy and Bresnik academy Austria


Hitting partner of Dino Marcan ATP rang 100 in doublle
Silvia Njirić WTA rang 400
Rolo Savin and Leonarda Janko Top junior Croatia U16 and U18

Tomislav Crnković

High school CUO Rade Koncar 1987th to 1991st
Fakultet: Kineziološki Faculty in Zagreb 2006th to 2011th
Direction: Conditioning of athletes
Title: bacc.kond.pripreme athletes

Additional qualifications (in sports - courses, licenses, seminars ...)
International Olympic Committee - coach kayaking, in 1995
Croatian Olympic Academy, coach kayaking, 2006th to 2008th
The editor and the author of seminars on kayak coaches, trainers and referees, 2012th to 2015th

Work experience:
Current position: Professional Secretary Kayak Association Zagreb
Total work experience (recorded in employment record): 22

Independent professional activity 01.03.1992 - 31.12.1995
Canoe Federation of Zagreb 01.02.1996 - 31.12.1996
Canoe Federation of Zagreb 01.11.1997 - 31.12.1997
Canoe Federation of Zagreb 01.03.2001 - 31.10.2001
Canoe Federation of Zagreb 01.11.2001 - 31.12.2007
Croatian Canoe Federation 01.01.2008 - 30.09.2010
Canoe Federation of Zagreb 01.10.2010 -

Odd Jobs and / or volunteering

Croatian Ministry of Defence 01.01.1998 - 31.12.1999
Center for abandoned children, John Paul II 2003th to 2005th volunteer
Croatian Canoe Federation 1998th to 2001th the coach of (voluntary work)

Personal skills and competences:
Foreign Language: English and French

Goran Rožić

Rođen u Zagrebu, 08.03.1989. godine

U-12      National champion

U-14      orange bowl, 4th place (world championship U14, winner Nishikori)

U-16      National champion

U-16      ETA ranking 8th place

U-16      Australian world championschip U16, winner in singl and doublle

U-18      National champion

U-18      Tennis Australia, winner in doublle, finals singla

U-18      Australian open

U-18      roland garros

U-18      ITF ranking, 25th place

2007      2 ATP points, ranking top 1000


Member of the national team in all categories (2000 – 2007)


Hiting partner:

Ivo Karlović         ATP rank 49    carrer high 14

Nikola Mektić      ATP doubles rank top 50, 2017 played final wimbeldon doubles

Dino Marcan        ATP player 100 rang in doublle

Junior Borna Devald, most promising young player (AMG academy)


Coach of:

Inbar Cohen           ITF  (2014-2016)

Anđa Karanušić     WTA, ITF (2015-2017)

Karlo Divković        ETA, ITF  (2014-2017)

Lana Slavica          WTA, ITF  (2014 -2016)


Speak: english

Morris Melša

Faculty of Sport Sciense


Player experience:
National champion U10, U12
National rang TOP 5 U14, U16, U18

Intenational rang ETA, ITF FUTURES


Coaching experience 4 years
Active player Croatian N1 league

Aleksandar Pupac (fitness trainer)

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology
Professor of kinesiology, Conditioning of athletes
Croatian Kickboxing Federation A – licence coach
I speak: English

Work experience:
Successful management and operation of the club, despite years of recession , Club "Spartan Gym" belongs to the rank most successful clubs in the region for its achievements in sports and business

Experience in managing projects and teams (since 2006 the Croatian national team coach in Thai boxing. Extraordinary results in international competitions.)


Experience managing teams of people working at the club, as well as managing groups of people (15-20 per group) during the training process.

License coach, was obtained from the Croatian Association of Thai boxing, after passing all required exams and on the basis of active engagement above sporting activity over the past 13 years

Extraordinary results in international competitions as a coach. First place at the World Championships in Thai boxing Korea, Seoul 2009th, appearance in the finals of the World Martial Games 2010th Beijing, China, third place at the World Championships in Thai boxing 2010th Bangkok, Thailand, first place at the World Championship in kickboxing 2011th Skopje, Macedonia. Third place at the European Championships in Thai boxing 2008th Liepaja, Latvia.


Since 2012. start working strength and conditioning with Croatian swimming champion Luka Prostran, and put his performance on high level.
2013. conditioning coach of young tennis player.

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