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Take your game to a higher level


TennisLab is open and working during the whole year on two locations in Zagreb. The ideal conditions are used for athletes playing on the clay courts, different surfaces as well as indoor playing on carpet and hard professional surfaces. Also we have in use modern gym and the natural resources in the training process. Very often we are in nature at seaside in mountains and skiing and swimming are part of additional sports activities.

Data processing initial measurement, basic and specific testing of players and compare the data obtained with the rest of the population of athletes, tennis player for many years I deal with top experts from the University of Zagreb KIF - and the Faculty of Kinesiology, we also do comparisons of results from teams not only in tennis but also from other sports in terms for more specific physical training that is support by medical and nutritional counseling and during the journey we are monitoring players on the tournaments (coaching)

TennisLab which is also located nearby, training can take place 2 - 3 times a day depending of faze in which are the players currently is in (basic stages of preparation, specific preparation or the competition faze).





Accommodation in Center of Zagreb in small apartment on two floors for two, maximum three persons.



Feeding behavior for players I am crating in collaboration with colleagues from the university, professor Klarić who is a top nutritionist, former Croatian champion in body building. He is an associate of the Faculty of Physical Education, also associate for magazine “Men's health” and personal fitness trainer with gym in his ownership that is located near my house. For making the diet program and the realization of the same is in a small restaurant and is located directly at the tennis courts.

Fitness training, sports diagnostics, planning and peaking, periodization training process, doing gymnastics and motor coordination segments and athletics that I have included as an essential complementary part of the program, monitoring of players in the tournaments (coaching), the possibility of organizing sparring matches with players who are among the top 10 selected categories in Croatia U12, U14, U16, ITF, complete servicing and supply of tennis equipment, video and biomechanical analysis techniques etc.

Tennis training is performing less than 5 minutes walk from our house there is also a tennis center Šalata and it's my second home, except my private tennis club DS and TennisLab.

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